To overcome limitations, re-discover safe boundaries and their true potential in everyday journeys and battles through life.

-Personal Growth
-Emotional Mastery
-Mental Agility and Stress Management
-Working with recovery centres


Recovery Coaching is a niche model that focuses on using the coaching relationship to facilitate CHANGE within addictive and destructive behavioural patterns. It looks at the brain’s responses to various situations. Coaching explores how these responses can be effective in raising self-awareness, consciousness and promote behavioural change.

• Stabilizing in recovery and maintain the GAINS that have been achieved in treatment

• Solidifying and integrating new coping skills and sustainable lifestyle behaviours

• Identify their strengths – and use them to overcome their challenges ( strength-based behavioural modification)

• An adjunct, non-clinical approach

• Identifying and addressing TRIGGERS & vulnerabilities in their environments

• Building skills to bring back balance into their daily lives, improve their performance, setting and achieving goals

• Hone in on their goals- identify and maintain reward & motivation system


• A clinical approach
• PAST history dependent
• Replacement for therapy, counselling, social workers or substance abuse treatment

Movement through the CULTURE OF ADDICTION

Currently undergoing treatment

  • Group sessions

Completed treatment / Halfway House

  •  Group sessions
  • One-on-one sessions

Sober House / The WORLD

  • Group sessions
  • One-on-one
  • Corporate integration
  • Supervision of co-ordinators
  • Leadership Skills

Some skills learned

• Relapse prevention plan
• Overcoming relapse traps
• Coping skills, life skills, empowerment (hearing your own voice), clarity
• Goal Setting, visualisation, action planning (SMART Goals), accountability
• Learning styles and motivation mechanisms, journaling
• Mindfulness, balance, nutrition, meditation, breathwork
• Time management
• Progression stairway, re-alignment
• Techniques for overcoming obstacles
• Corporate skills: labour related (HR) skills, career guidance & realignment
• Re-direction & re-skilling for the world of work

How we deliver our services

Group sessions based on the number of participants under 10 

One-on-one sessions, “Package” minimum of 10 one hour sessions 

Free assessment – Contract of Agreement – direct engagement with client and payee

All other services are based on a needs analysis. After assessment, proposal is submitted.

We are not VAT vendors, therefore all the above are without VAT.

Online virtual coaching now available

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