The business coaching services

include entrepreneurial and executive coaching

-Coaching for strategic market development
-Business decision-making
-Business Transitions and Organisational Change
-Personal Brand Development

Marella has operated in the corporate and regulatory environment, both as a CEO and senior executive in leadership and transformation roles. She is experienced in dealing with boards, EXCO’s, functional teams and individuals in the private and public sector.

She is committed to co-creating solution driven strategies when facilitating leaders, teams and individuals to build business sustainability utalising the skills and talents of each individual within the system. Using a systemic approach with teams to establish team vision and values to drive the most effective strategic outcomes.

Leadership Coaching & Facilitation Work

• Corporate Wellness Coach: Executive / Leadership Coaching
• Board / EXCO / Operations Alignment
• Facilitation of Board Inductions & Governance Workshops
• Strategic re-alignment / Operational Team Dynamics and Diversity Management
• Change management & Culture – redefine
• Leadership Development and Transformation
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Personal Brand Development
• Recovery Coaching (Addiction Recovery) & (Mental Illness Recovery)
• Skills Development
• Conflict Management / Resilience development

Coaching Approach

Her coaching style is both developmentally structured and performance driven. Looking at the quality of relationships with self and others together with the alignment between the individual’s self-awareness; their thoughts and feelings; their personal goals and their ability to take action towards the desired outcomes. This multi-faceted approach informs the coaching plan, which can be customised to suit the individual / organisation needs with the intention of developing sustainable changes.

Online virtual coaching now available.

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